Publication Ethics

Editorial Responsibility

  1. The Editor of the SainHealth Journal is responsible for deciding which articles are suitable for publication through editorial board meetings. Editors are guided by the policies of the journal's editorial board and are limited by applicable legal requirements regarding defamation, copyright infringement and plagiarism.
  2. In the article acceptance process, the editorial team is based on the principle of equal treatment.
  3. In the journal review process and decision making for publication (articles), the editorial team does not differentiate between race, gender, religion, ethnicity, nationality or political ideology of the author.
  4. The editor and editorial team will not disclose any information about submitted manuscripts or articles except with permission from the author.
  5. Manuscripts (articles) that are not published after being submitted will not be used for the editor's own research and will be returned directly to the author.

Reviewer Responsibility

  1. Reviewers assist editors in making editorial decisions on submitted manuscripts/ articles.
  2. Reviewers are responsible for the recommendations of the articles reviewed.
  3. Manuscript review is carried out objectively, and is supported by clear arguments.
  4. Reviewers are responsible for quotations, references and plagiarism in the articles reviewed.
  5. Reviewers assist editors in making editorial decisions on submitted manuscripts/articles
  6. Reviewers keep information confidential for personal gain.

Author's Responsibility

  1. The author must present articles resulting from his own thoughts or research clearly, honestly, and without plagiarism or data manipulation.
  2. The author is responsible for the confirmation submitted for the article that has been written.
  3. Authors must comply with publication requirements in the form of originality of work, no plagiarism, and not having been published in a journal or other publication before a decision is made by the SainHealth Journal.
  4. The author must indicate references to the opinions and works of other people quoted
  5. Authors must write manuscripts or articles ethically, honestly and responsibly, in accordance with applicable scientific writing regulations.
  6. Authors are prohibited from sending/publishing the same article to more than one journal or publication.
  7. The author does not mind if the text undergoes editing without changing the substance or main idea of the writing.

Plagiarism Policy

Every manuscript submitted to the Jurnal SainHealth must be free from content containing plagiarism. Authors are advised to use plagiarism detection software to check content similarities. The editor detects plagiarism in articles submitted to the Jurnal SainHealth using anti-plagiarism software (Turnitin). The maximum limit for plagiarism according to the provisions is 20%.

Actions included in plagiarism are: Submitting articles written by other people without reference; Paraphrasing without stating a clear source; and Use ideas, theories, data, or information without providing a clear source.

If plagiarism is found, then, the Editor-in-Chief is responsible for reviewing the article and will approve action according to the level of plagiarism detected, with the following guidelines:

1. If the author plagiarize some short sentences from other articles without citing the source, they will given a warning and a request to change the text and cite it properly.
2. If the author Plagiarize large portions of other articles without proper citation and not citing the source, Then the submitted article is rejected for publication and the author may not being allowed to publish in Jurnal SainHealth.

If the author is proven to have submitted a manuscript to the Jurnal SainHealth while simultaneously sending it to another journal, and this overlap is discovered during the review process or after publication, the article will be rejected or unpublished. Name of the author will be banned from Jurnal SainHealth.