ADRI INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE  OF RESEARCH MULTIDISCIPLINE publishes papers on the many scope are computer and electrical engineering: including power generation, transmission and distribution systems, new and renewable energy, turbine design, generator system, grid system, conversion and conservation of electrical power, electric motor and generator, power electronics and electric drive, mechanical engineering: including control system, robotic system, manufacturing apparatus, CNC machine, sensors, actuators, kinematics, and mechanical dynamics, informatics: including bioinformatics, cloud computing, computational intelligence, computer vision, data mining, information retrieval, digital signal processing, human-computer interaction, image processing, mobile computing, networks, virtual reality, augmented reality, web technologies, industrial engineering: including supply chain, performance management, occupational safety and health, ergonomics.Economic, management, accounting, interpreneurship, business.Education learning, teaching And Relegion. Social science and  humanities. Fisher, Animal Husbandry, Agriculturgriculture, Flantation and Forestry, Health, LAW and etc

ADRI INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE  OF RESEARCH MULTIDISCIPLINE is  Collaborative involving coordination between the researchers, institutions, organizations, and/or communities. The purpose of this collaboration is to increase scientific sources of knowledge that can be a reference for education in the world.  ADRI INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE  OF RESEARCH MULTIDISCIPLINE Partnership  is researchers ensures that their knowledge, skills and techniques are made available to everyone interested and mutually benefit the participants. The more researchers collaborate, the greater are the chances for success.